My constant pain is gone

Hey Jesse, As a user of your program for about four months now, I just wanted to send you some comments. I am 54 years old and have been running for about 28 of those years on the street, concrete, and some soft stuff but not much. I always enjoyed running because I never had any real pain to speak of all those years, and the workout made me feel good. I probably ran on an average about 20-25 miles per week. Just in the past year or two, I started getting knee, back, joint, heel, hip, sciatic, etc, you name it, I started to get it and each time I would run it was a different adventure. I realized just in the past 6 months that not only was running causing me to have pain during exercise, but the pain started to be constant and was causing me to be miserable and having serious issues with my work which is Carpentry Construction. When I got your program and started using it, I could barely move without pain and I diagnosed myself to have a forward tipped pelvis and forward neck roll. Well, let me tell you, most if not all of my constant pain is gone, and yesterday I ran a mile around a local track backwards (like you suggested) and so far I feel fine. Most people that I tell about your program don't want to listen (even though they are in bitter pain) because they are old fashion in they're thinking and refuse to be open minded to what makes good sense. I believe that most of them are also lazy and think that a pill or just resting will cure their ills. Anyway, thanks for the program, and I will keep you updated on things if you don't mind. (it's good therapy for guys like me to talk about it) Click here to learn more about the product that was used to get lasting relief.
By: Joe DeMartini