I will continue using it!

"I had lower back surgery in 1967 after a fall off a skateboard onto concrete. I had cervical surgery after having used home traction and woke up with excruciating pain. I had to be in traction in the hospital for 4 days before an operating room was available. That surgery gave me instant freedom from pain.   It took about two years to settle down and recover from the low back surgery, but was still not 100% pain free. Then I developed arthritis from the scar tissue, plus I also developed fibromyalgia.    I am now able to be pretty much pain free if I don't overdo outside work on my landscape or sweep too much. I have been feeling a lot better since I started the Super Joint Support a couple of months ago and can now walk more. I will continue using it!"  
By: Wanda Weldin from Chico, CA