I am grateful I found your products

"I had tried several anti-inflammatory products. Most OTC with little success. I had a prescription pain medication that I still needed to resort to regularly. I got onto Turmeric when taking a fitness class for Seniors when another lady suggested it to me. I found the turmeric was helpful, after taking it for several months I could tell a difference. I got to looking at other natural remedies and discovered your products. It's been well over a year using them and I have a number of changes to tell you about. First, when I started using your rub on relief I was using a LOT of it--not much didn't hurt. Now, I only use it on one knee and one shoulder and not all the time. Heal-n-soothe I began taking 8-10 a day after the beginning dose of 6-7 a day didn't seem to be helping much. I gave the lower dose 5 weeks before I increased to 10. Now, I'm down to 7 or 8 a day and holding at the greatly improved level. Super Joint Support, taken as directed I've noticed more mobility, less pain and as a side effect my fingernails are growing faster and harder then in years. I've had friends remark how much more I seem to do then they would expect a person my age to do--I'm 70. I am grateful I found your products and happy to share my success story with you on how they have helped me be happier and much more comfortable in my day to day activities. My best, Pat Hendrickson, Napavine WA"
By: Pat Hendrickson