Hi, thank you so much for your interest in my progress. Actually, I have been going to therapy requested by my doctor. And, I have let them read your book to help me determine what exercises would be best for my situation. I had x-rays back around the middle of March but just the other day found out what the x-rays showed. Seems I have severe degenerative disease of the L-spine. So, the therapists are recommending not only stretching but also exercise that will help to strengthen my back as well. I do swim Monday thru Friday and have for several years. This is really a god send as it helps my pain a lot. But, when walking very much my back gets stiff and I tire out very fast. I am 73 and also have CML Leukemia which has been in remission for 2-1/2 years. I was diagnosed in 2005. 7/1/05. And, I also have had a total knee replacement of my right knee. Talk about old age setting in!! This all hit me just after I turned 70. Needless to say, I am working at trying to get back some kind of qauality of life so that I can again walk like I used to - or, at least walk more than I am now. I have read through "Losethebackpain" and feel that the exercises will be a lot of help. When I ordered your book I had sciatic nerve pain on my left side so bad that I had to hold onto the walls to walk and I was afraid I was headed for a wheelchair. A friend brought me a "Sacro Wedgy" that she had purchased on line. That little tool absolutely solved my sciatic problem almost immediately. But, I still had the stiffness in my back along with pain and I thought your book would address my problems on that score. And, it has to a degree. Hopefully, if I keep up the exercise that has been given by the therapists and incorporate your exercises too, I will get back to the world of the living. Exercise and stretching seem to be the key to arthritis pain. And, of course, swimming and walking and exercising in the water is more than a huge benefit. My husband died 7 years ago but if he were still around, I am sure sex would help alot too? Thank you for your concern! Click here to learn more about the product that was used to get lasting relief.
By: Georgia Allison