I have been in contact with you for almost a year!!  My problem was a very sore lower back, which spread into my right groin, than to my left. The best advice that I received was the exercise procedure in your system. I did these, without fail, every morning before I went out to do my farm chores. If I did not do the exercises, I was sore all day, but when I did, my day was much better. The left groin was the hardest to remedy. About Dec.15th, the pain, in the groin was 95% gone, and I was able to do the hip flexor, without any discomfort!!  I have also had treatments from a muscle & nerve specialist, once a month, for a year. After each treatment, I had no pain for about a week. Now I have to go every 2 months for a treatment. I am once again able to play my winter sport of curling!! I am grateful to you & lose the back pain crew, for your input and help for my problem. I am sure that without your system, I could not have succeeded in strengthening the proper muscles to ease the pain. Once again, thank you very much. Click here to learn more about the product that was used to get lasting relief.
By: Fred Horcoff