Feeling grateful, healthy and happy!!!

"I suffered from excruciating back pain for 9 years until I found this web site. I did the Heal-n-Soothe enzyme therapy, inversion table and the muscle balancing. It was wonderful. I was able to begin teaching tumbling classes again and remain pain free to go about my daily life. I continue to be aware of keeping balance with my muscles and I do the stretches and exercises every day. I was able to stop the enzyme therapy and I only use the inversion table now when I feel that I have overdone something. Using the inversion table at the first sign of strain, or beginning pain stops it in its tracks. I am so thankful for this information that finally made sense, as the pain meds left me unable to function, gave me no quality of life and were useless at fixing the problem. So happy to get off of that vicious, expensive cycle and start healing!!!!!! Feeling grateful, healthy and happy!!!"
By: Kathy Samsel, Douglassville PA