Hey Jesse,I have been receiving your e-mails for nearly a year (the worst year of my life). I am a healthy, athletic, 33 yr old, who was diagnosed with a herniated disk nearly 14 months ago. I was in severe, intense, agonizing pain for about 11 months before my pain began to abate. I was told over and over again that surgery was my only choice. But somewhere inside It just didn't seem like the right thing for me. Even though I was in the worst pain of my life I was terrified to undergo what they called a "simple" surgery. Knives near my spinal cord don't strike me as "simple". I just assumed that I would eventually get better. I don't remember how I started getting these e-mails- but I found them to be tremendously helpful in my recovery process. Like anyone would, I tried everything possible that I thought would help - and went on a journey of healing and self-recovery. Strangely, at each phase of my healing I would be trying a new healing modality and it would miraculously appear in your e-mails, lending credence to each method. I can't say which one was the most helpful, but all of them combined must have done something! I am just glad that you exist. It was very comforting to me to know that there is a community of people out there going through similar ordeals and looking for alternative ways to get better. Thank you. After months of crippling sciatic and back pain I can walk normally again. I feel like I have been given my life back. In retrospect, I firmly believe that my condition was brought on not just by physical means, but through a crisis of the soul. This e-mail that you sent today about emotions finally spurred me to write and thank you. I did not find any physical improvement until I found spiritual and emotional improvement. I believe that the healing of my spirit led to the healing of my body. And now that I am on the other side I feel so much compassion for all of those people who think that there is just something wrong with their bodies. The doctor's ignore the patient's hearts and spirits to offer then a strictly "physical" treatment. Thank you for exploring real causes and real treatments for chronic back pain. Sorry this got so long. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!Click here to learn more about the product that was used to get lasting relief.
By: Elsa M.