"No More Crippling Pain"

“I am 66-years old and retired.  I have been receiving Botox for the last 5-years for crippling neck and back pain, as well as my head was shaking badly.  The Botox was as effective the longer I used it and I don’t want to put toxins or drugs in my body anyway.  Then I discovered your website and Heal-n-Soothe and the relief is marvelous!  No more crippling neck or back pain.  My pain has gone from a 10 (bad) to a 2 (barely noticeable) and I can feel my spine has straightened up.  Also the shaking has eased a lot.   I hope I can continue to receive Heal-n-Soothe because I feel much better.  Thank you so much for the relief!” Elizabeth Quirke in Lower Hutt, New Zealand
By: Elizabeth Quirke