"After 10 days my back pain disappeared!"

"My primary goal in taking Heal-n-Soothe was to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis as it has been nagging at me for 2 years. The tremendous side effect is that after 10 days my back pain disappeared!    My low back has been flaring up a couple times a month, but mostly lingering mildly for 3-4 years. Prior to consistent chiropractor visits I had crippling low back flare ups that started in 2007. After more than a decade with that pain, I guess I assumed it would always be there to some degree. I functioned with back pain alright, but noticed it every time I bent over for anything. Now I don't notice that pain at all. Really amazing that it disappeared that quick! I have also noticed my resting heart rate and blood pressure have gone down. These terrific side effects have been great!   The Plantar Fasciitis is still there, but it was never promised to go away from just taking Heal n Soothe. I have started some lower limb mobility routines and have continued to take Heal-n- Soothe. So far I have shown about a 25-30% reduction in pain at my feet, which is outstanding. At this point I am excited about the results I have seen and very optimistic about further pain reduction.    Pain has kept me from being active, which is a slippery slope to end up with more and more ailments. The medical field has done little to help me solve my problems as they have been too busy trying to treat symptoms. I am now very excited about the future!"
By: Dave Mackey, Kearney NE