Heal-n-Soothe Plus

"YOU GET IT" was a comment I recently received from Steve Heffron, after placing a call to inquire about questions I had regarding "Heal-n-Soothe™ Plus" and "Lose The Back Pain". Steve spent considerable time with me answering my questions and offering suggestions. I "get it" because of the considerable research you put into both the enzymes and the muscle imbalance issue. Once I reviewed the books and DVD's, did my assessment and began the stretches, it occurred to me that this is the most common sense approach to healing my body. Why do so many of the professionals not "get it"? I had convinced myself that taking Celebrex may cause side effects which could endanger my life, but was willing to take the risk for the sake of "quality of life". I am happy to report I no longer take Celebrex, once the only drug that would allow me to function "normally" by blocking the pain. The Heal-n-Soothe™ Plus reduces the inflammation to a point where I can now look forward to a productive day, plan trips and live with about 80% less pain. I am currently working on the other 20% as I gradually, at my own pace, address the muscle imbalances and do the stretches as recommended in the Lose the Back Pain System. I now apply what I have learnt about muscles imbalances on a daily basis to avoid triggering spasms. It took me 4 and half years of trial and error before I found your website. Another 2 months of procrastination, scepticism, and reading your articles and newsletters before I finally decided to order the Lose The Back Pain System and the Heal-n-Soothe™ Plus. So glad I did, wish I had done it sooner! Heartfelt thanks Jesse and Steve. I hope you continue to help others as you have helped me. P.S. Love the new website, great articles in the treatment section. Click here to learn more about the product that was used to get lasting relief.
By: Christine M