At 60 Years of age Her Spirits were lifted immediately... I purchased your Lose the Back Pain System November of 2006 having been suffering from sciatica (with high left hip) for three months. Usual story of osteopathy and painkillers being 'as much use as a Chocolate teapot'!! On reading and watching the information I felt an Immediate lifting of my spirits. I allowed a few days to absorb the details etc then started on the exercise programme. Within three weeks my hips were balanced and I was free of pain - in time to enjoy a trip back to England to spend Christmas with my daughter and family wonderful! In March of this year I - stupidly - carried some heavy shelving units up the many stairs into my house - 'no problem' I thought. It was a very silly thing to do, of course, and within two days the sciatic, high hip and pain were back. I immediately restarted the exercises and, albeit it took a little longer, the same excellent results were achieved. Needless to say, I have learned my lesson... no more heavy lifting and if I notice my hips are out of balance, I do my stretches. I am 60, in excellent health, with a healthy lifestyle. Living in Dinan, a medieval town in Brittany, I get plenty of general exercise walking into town and working in my garden which is on three different levels. Last year I landscaped the garden, shifting masses of granite to create rockeries, steps etc. I now look around for a strong man when there is any heavy work to be done!! Click here to learn more about the product that was used to get lasting relief.
By: Brenda Trigg