I've ditched the awful wheelchair

"Hello Jesse and all the amazing team! I would like to thank all off you for the help you have all given to me. I have been using Heal-n-Soothe, Super Joint Support and Rub On Relief for 12 weeks now. The joy and happiness they have given me is unreal. I have had osteroarthitis for over 15 years being unable to do a lot off thing i.e with my 2 sons and daughter. Also, 5 grand children. But now, I'm out and about Walking with the help of my stick. Yes, I've ditched the awful wheelchair and that's not all. I've even decorated the bathroom by myself ( apart from the bits I couldn't reach at only 5ft 2in). Also, I've stopped taken naperxain they didn't do me much good anyway. I will soon be 58 year old and about living and enjoying having 5 grandchildren. Thank to all of you!"
By: Barbara Schofield, United Kingdom