I have had great success

I have had great success with Heal and Soothe. I've been having trouble with my ankle, I’d go to sleep at night with nothing wrong and wake up with such pain in my ankle that I’d have to use a walker for most or all of that day. Also, I’ve been having trouble with my knees for many many years. Since I’ve been using Heal and Soothe (2 months now), I don’t have to use the walker or even a cane or anything. Once in awhile I’ll have a little discomfort in my ankle but it doesn’t last. I take 3 or 4 capsules per day. I believe everyone has to find the thing that works the best for themselves, but you don’t know if you don’t try. I am so happy that I decided to try the Heal and Soothe. -Ann Lauchie, Corning NY
By: Ann Lauchie