Success Stories – Part 3

“More Back Pain Success Stories….”

“I want to thank you for your system of exercises. I have suffered back pain for over 20 years with pinched nerves in my hips and lower back. (I am 46) I have tried every remedy you mention in your site and all of them really did not keep the pain away – just barely got me mobile. I have been doing the exercises 2-3 times daily for Forward Tipped Pelvis and the Sciatica stretches for over a month now and I have not gone to the Chiropractor and I am virtually pain free. I ride Performance Horses in Competition and I cannot tell you how good I now feel being able to concentrate on riding and not my back pain. THANK-YOU!!!! The money was well spent.”   Lynn Wertelet, Albion, PA

“I’m doing MUCH better now! And I believe it is largely due to the Lose The Back Pain program of self-assessment and stretches and exercises. Off and on for say 14 years I’ve had minor (yet occasionally painful) back problems, but nothing that a chiropractor couldn’t clear up within a few or more adjustments. Then one day 2 years ago I felt my mid back slip out again doing pull downs and I knew it was the painful kind of slippage.

If I had to pick the 3 most important things I had learned I would have to say (1) do some exercise… (2) do them often… And finally (3) DO THE RIGHT exercises and stretches. After following rules 1 and 2 I had actually built up to swimming laps 20 to 25 minutes 4 times a week, stationary biking, walking up to 2+ miles, yoga, etc. Then I had a relapse, but now I have learned from Losethebackpain that it was due to muscle imbalances (for one, I had ignored my stomach muscles) hence rule number 3. It all makes sense to me now! And this time I’m getting better much faster than last time since I am now focusing more on my muscle imbalances! Thanks to Lose The Back Pain!”
Russel McDonald, Pflugerville TX

“Simply stated, I was amazed. A lot of times you read on the internet about things that say they take away your pain, but then when you order them the results just aren’t there. I have been living with sciatic pain for much of my life, but only recently did it get serious enough for me to have to consider other options.

Your system has not only improved my pain 150%, but also has helped other areas that were not evident as being problematic. I took the self-assessment and really understood the full aspect of all of my back related issues. Thanks for offering this system, it is so easy to and it only took 4 days for me to feel relief and be able to get away from the NSAID pain medication.”
Stefan Schwarz

“Hi Jesse

I bought your system Oct 3 , 2007.

Had some trouble at first analyzing my strange posture. Emailed Steve for help backwards and forwards for a while. My symptoms included burning pain around feet whenever standing.

Basically had to sit all the time. Now, I’m happy to say my suicidal sciatica type pain down my leg is completely…I mean COMPLETELY gone. Thanks to you guys and your tips and stretches. Tried everything the way you teach. I can now swim one kilometer straight in a pool.

Normally do about 2 * 500 meters per week though. Taking Himalayan Go Ji juice which I feel made the turning point. Doing your stretches regularly. Did a lot of Trigger Point Therapy throughout the day to nail the hot spots in my buttocks ( Piriformis which was definitely very sore ), and also found hotspots down my calf. Interesting how when “knuckled” it triggered the pain in my feet perfectly. This told me I was finding the right spot.
Drinking 1.5 lrs of water a day , several times a week.

Not bad for a 62 year old with a bad back. Anyway , thanks to you guys.
I tell everyone you guys are the best.”


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