Success Stories – Part 20

“More Back Pain Success Stories….”

“I’m probably an unusual case. I’ve had lower back problems for years. I was a serious weight lifter (3 or more hours a day) for 15 years and injured my shoulder. I’ve had 4 surgeries and in the process I injured my back and have 4 bulging disks. I’m one of those hard headed people that just won’t give up so I continue to lift but am constantly getting injured.

I’m following your program and it started working almost immediately. I can tell from my lifting that due to my shoulder and having to favor it that I definitely have muscle imbalances. After 3 days I didn’t feel the soreness in my back that I normally feel. I think this is going to be the program that finally helps me. I’ve had to hold off for the last week because I was lifting 70 lb bags of rocks with my one good arm and pulled the entire right side of my chest out. As soon as I can move again I’m going to get back to the back workouts and I know it’s going to continue to improve.

I get up and do the program for 45 minutes every morning and it makes a huge difference. I’m going to keep you updated on my progress but I do want to thank you because I’ve been to chiropractors and have seen neurosurgeons and no one has been able to really help me. Thanks so much for this program, it really works!!!!!

Kendall Wiley


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“I have a herniated disc at the L5. The stretches and exercises have helped greatly. I noticed improvement after just 3 days. I need help though. I know I have a right high hip and forward head and shoulders. I could not put fingers or hand under back when lying down so I thought for sure, I had a backward tipped pelvis. But I listed to my body and quit doing those exercises for the BTP because I thought it was causing some pain.

I am confused whether my pelvis is tipped at all. When I look at my photos, it appears fairly normal to me. Can you give me any help on this? For almost 2 weeks now I have been water walking at the pool and I think that is helping a lot also. I also would like to try the inversion table. Do you think I am ready for that yet? In closing, I am so glad I ordered you back pain videos. I am not perfect yet by any means much of the pain has disappeared for now. I would recommend this to anyone with back problems and I am blessed, I come across your site.”

Doug Klahr

“I purchased the online version of your system on Jan 30, performed the self-evaluation and started the stretches targeted at my problem (high right hip) that same night. I have continued them twice daily every day since. I also ordered and started taking the Heal-n-Soothe™ Plus as soon as it arrived. In the 4 weeks since I started the stretches, I have achieved about 90% relief from my right hip pain caused by a degenerated disc at L5-S1, as found by an MRI and Xrays last August.

I visited a chiropractor for over 10 months last year for “manipulations” and about 18 sessons of treatment on a DRX-9000. My chiro referred me to have Micro surgery last November that did not decrease my hip pain, and as it got worse, the Ortho doctor my surgeon referred me to told me that I needed more “agressive” surgery than I had received to correct my back problem, and that my hip itself was just fine.

I have not seen any doctors during this 4 weeks, and I have done nothing else to attribute my improvement to except your system and the Heal-n-Soothe™ Plus. I only wish I had found your system 2 years ago when this hip pain first appeared, and I believe that I could have avoided the surgery and all the expenses of seeing chiropractors and ortho doctors completely.”


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