Success Stories – Part 2

More Back Pain Success Stories….

“I use the Healthy Back Institute because they offer real solutions that work. I’ve worked with thousands of patients and with back problems, I used to refer more to orthopedic surgeons – Now I have a better option. As a strength coach and personal trainer, I’ve tried and reviewed dozens of back pain programs. The Healthy Back Institute gets to the root of the problem.

They’re on to an important core idea and it works. And I like to see them empower the reader to relieve their pain without drugs or doctors’ visits.”

— Al Sears, MD

“Dear Steve and Jesse – Hi, it’s Coralie here from Australia. I ordered your Lose The Back Pain System for what I would describe as chronic neck pain that I had been trying to manage for years, and also sciatica. After watching the video and carrying out your instructions for almost four weeks now, I would like to say that you two really are miracle workers. I had relief for my sciatica after a week and my neck pain has considerably improved. I realise it took a very long time to get my neck in such a painful state, and it will take time for me get it completely right. But I have relief right now and its just getting better every day. After years and years of pain, it does feel like a miracle to me – I cannot believe the answer to both my neck and sciatic problems was this simple – just carry out some simple exercises each day and begin the journey to becoming pain free. So not only do I thank you both for helping me personally, but I sincerely thank you for getting your valuable information out there and making it so easily accessible to those of us in pain and in need of the right kind of help.

Coralie W., Queensland Australia

“Forty years of flying jets in the RAF and airlines had done me no favors. However the pain I experienced then was relatively mild and disappeared after a month or two. Two months ago I started to have back pains again, which eventually spread to my right hip, thigh and knee. This time, however, the pain was extreme, lasted 24hrs per day, and I could find no relief. My doctor diagnosed sciatica, recommended physiotherapy and painkillers – all to no avail.

Fortunately for me, by this time, I had read your web site and ordered your material. It arrived for me – in Spain – only about 5 days after ordering it. For that, another thanks. I started the exercises for herniated discs and sciatica immediately. After only 2 days, I could honestly say that the cutting edge of the pain had greatly diminished. The last 3 days have seen a rapid improvement. I would estimate that I have made a 98% recovery, like so many of you’re other customers, I can simply say, “Thank you so much.” It’s a gorgeous morning here in Spain, and I have just returned from a pain free walk around the mountain with my dog. Need I say any more?
Ian Thomas, UK

“Dear Steve,

Thank you for spending so much time with me on the phone the other day. What a great service you provide for those of us struggling with chronic back pain. I could hear true concern and compassion in your voice.

As we discussed, chronic pain is one of the most debilitating things a person can encounter in his or her life. It can consume you and disrupts the ability to function at even minimal levels both physically and mentally and even emotionally as time passes.

I suffer with disc problems that has led to excruciating sciatic pain that at times has left me unable to walk or sit at all. Just laying still was unbearably painful. I have tried many modalities in an effort to “cure” this condition. What I have found is that the most helpful thing I can do is to consistently do the exercises that help with proper body alignment and muscle functioning that you have outlined in your Lose The Back Pain Program.

I look forward to the addition of the Heal-n-Soothe™ products to further help restore my health. I am sure it will be a great help in my recovery.

Thank you so much for your dedication to helping those who are in need. You have a great program that will benefit the many people who are truly at the end of their rope and feel they have no where else to turn for help.”

Carolyn Lowe

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