Success Stories – Part 10

“More Back Pain Success Stories….”

Dear Jesse

“Thank You for all the Emails you have been sending me since I enrolled in the “Lose The Back Pain System”

I also purchased the Heal-n-Soothe™ Capsules at the very Welcome Price!

I stopped taking all NSAIDS Immediately (which I have been taking for five years) and started taking the Heal-n-Soothe™ Capsules – To my delight about half the burning sensations in the front and sides of my shins disappeared by the second day of use.

The awful debilitating Cramps in my Calves and Feet ceased almost altogether – Leaving me now to contend with ‘ Only ‘ Sciatica in my right buttock and leg – numbness in both my feet and toes and pains in the soles of my feet and heels, like standing on Golf Balls – which in itself is a Great improvement – So I will continue with a further course of the Heal-n-Soothe™ Capsules 🙂

We have enjoyed Every moment of the Video and Audio and the Emails and also the Further Links – Our heads are Spinning – with glee at the prospect of Help may yet be at hand !!

Best Wishes to You All

Chris and John

“I thought for sure that my only last hope was to get hacked (back surgery). I went to chiropractors, reflexologists, masseuses…I constantly took pain pills, and used Tiger balm, Biofreeze, Bengay, and every other crème that makes you smell old. They simply didn’t work. I have a VERY bothersome sciatica nerve problem mostly down my left leg…but when it really is bad, it throbs down BOTH of my legs. I had this problem since I was 14(I am now 31). It wasn’t until I finally did a Google search for sciatica relief that I found out about your website. It was only a few days before trying to get an appointment with dr. butcher. I finally found the correct stretch for sciatica relief!!!! It didn’t completely go away for good…but whenever I do the stretch, it most definitely helps. I recommend your information to ANYONE…I am so relieved that I didn’t have to get back surgery.”

Deric Neufeld – Havre, MT

“I received your video and manual about 3 weeks ago. I have suffered from severe sciatica for over a year now. I “HAD” been seeing a chiropractor for 11 months. The first 3 months were 4 times a week and then it tapered off to 3, then 2 and at the time I received the video I was going once a week. It angers me to think of all the time I suffered and money I spent and still had the sciatic pain. Out of pure desperation I found the website of lose the back pain. Almost immediately I stopped having the spasms. I do the sciatica stretch everyday, about 2 minutes of my time! I still have a small catch in the joint of my left hip, but I feel in time it will go away. I have not been as faithful on all the other stretches, but I do do them several times a week. I can at least pin point where my problem is in my lower back and why it is hurting. Laziness has stopped my complete recovery! Your video was a God sent. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the public. It scares me to think I was one step away from surgery. Thank you!”

Sherry Wharton – Groesbeck, Texas

“After reading about muscle imbalances on your web site , and your money back guarantee if the video and book didn’t work for me, I thought I’ve nothing to lose. On a Monday at 5pm I purchased online and on the Friday morning it arrived (that’s just 3 days all the way from the U.S.A. to Canterbury Kent England). So I performed the self assessments and started on the exercises, including the specific exercises for sciatica. With in days I was feeling better and after 2 weeks I am feeling really good. It is now 19 days as I write this and I have just been to see my acupuncturist, and she is amazed at my progress. So my next visit is not for another 6 weeks, and the way things are going I probably won’t need to go. I am still asking myself how these exercises can make so much difference?? Thank you so much.”

Roger Linch – Canterburry, England

“I still can’t believe it… after trying all of those different treatments I thought I’d never feel normal again. Your system not only got rid of my chronic back pain, but it also helped me eliminate other aches and pains like my tennis elbow! Plus, I was able to do this in just under 2 months… thanks again.”

R. Weinstein – Boulder, Colorado

“This is unreal… I never would have thought something so simple could get rid of over 5 years of constant, chronic back pain. Now I know why those basic back pain exercises didn’t work… Thank you so much for your help!”

George Santos – Atlanta, Georgia

I am 99% free of any Sciatica!

The stretches are working fine; I am 99% free of any Sciatica in my lower back and also left outside leg. I am also working on a muscle imbalance and an FTP. The muscle imbalance is visually reducing and I am standing a lot straighter, less stoop and more straight legs rather than bent. Of course I am now sitting straight in front of the computer instead of leaning over to the right which I assume caused the muscle imbalance in the first place. I noticed the muscle imbalance 2 to 3 years ago, of course I didn’t really know what it was. So that’s my story.

Thanks for your System its working excellent for me”

Best Regards D. Roy Ellis, Canada


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“I have experienced a great deal of relief since receiving the “Lose the Back Pain” system. This is a fantastic product. All hairstylists (like myself) or anyone else who works on their feet and uses their neck and shoulders a lot for work should purchase this video/DVD.

It’s NEVER too late to get help to heal your pains so you can stop suffering and enjoy your life. I feel like a much happier, stronger woman with so much more freedom since I no longer have severe pain holding me back. Thank you so much! You guys are the real deal!!”

Tammy Clay – Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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