The Complete FAQ's for the Back Joy (As seen on TV)

The Back Joy FAQ’s

What is BackJoy?

BackJoy is revolutionary, easy to use, and completely portable sitting device that prevents back pain from occurring when you sit, so you can finally sit comfortably, anywhere. What if my back hurts when I try sitting on BackJoy? Sometimes changing your sitting posture can cause temporary discomfort. Should you feel increased tightness when first using BackJoy, limit usage to15 minutes, then 30, and upward over a few days or weeks. With gradually increased usage will come strength and lasting relief. If there is any increased pain, stop using BackJoy. If BackJoy does not help relieve your back pain, consult a Medical Professional.

How do I use BackJoy?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. There are no straps or buckles.

1. Place it on your seat so the logo will be under your left thigh. Do not put it behind your back!

2. Sit on it and pull it forward until it’s snug against your buttocks muscles. Adjust until you feel the cupping action!

3. Skootch. Lean a little forward, push with your feet to “skootch” the BackJoy with your buttocks towards the rear of the seat until you find your most comfortable position. Sit back and relax in comfort!

When should I feel results?

Many users experience immediate relief, and some require several weeks of regular use to feel the benefits of BackJoy. Your results will depend upon your underlying conditions and how often you use BackJoy. To get the quickest results and greatest benefits, use BackJoy according to directions as often as possible, everywhere you sit.

What if I don’t feel anything when I sit on BackJoy?

If you don’t feel any change when you sit on BackJoy, make sure you have closely followed the sitting instructions and your buttocks muscles are firmly cupped. The best way to feel the BackJoy difference is this: Sit on BackJoy for a period of time, then remove it from under you. Feel your gluteus muscles flattened under your body weight. Now put it back. Feel your pelvis floating in a cradle of muscle tissue.

Why is BackJoy Different?

BackJoy’s Orthotic Cradling Systemâ„¢ makes it the only device that prevents the pain causing tightening of back muscles that is triggered when the gluteus muscles flatten under the user’s weight when sitting. This patented Orthotic Cradling Systemâ„¢ allows BackJoy to relieve more pressure and strain than any other device or chair available. BackJoy does not rely on gimmicks like heat, massage, or overly soft foam to trick you into thinking it is doing something for you. It is when you don’t feel much of anything that you are doing the most to prevent back pain from occurring, or developing a back injury from sitting. This means you should not feel much at all, just comfort.

Will BackJoy work for my condition?

BackJoy provides relief by reducing the pressures that can aggravate the underlying causes of a wide variety of acute and chronic back pain such as low back pain, herniated and degenerated discs, back injuries, sciatica, and many more. As with any medical question, consult a medical professional to see if BackJoy will help your specific, underlying issue.

  • Pressure
  • Tightness
  • Soreness
  • Aching
  • Strain
  • Burning

Why is BackJoy so small and comfortable?

BackJoy must be smaller than your buttocks. It is designed to cradle the
4″-5″ space around the two sitting bones at the base of your pelvis. It is most effective for adults from 118 to 285 lbs. It is because BackJoy is so small that it can literally float your spinal system in natural cushioning. It’s the floating in your natural soft tissues that feels so comfortable.

Will BackJoy prevent back pain from occurring?

Sitting for long periods of time can cause repetitive stress injuries, which may lead to a variety of back problems. BackJoy can be used as a preventative maintenance device to help you avoid a repetitive stress injury caused by long term sitting, or to prevent old back pain from recurring.

How do I clean my BackJoy?

BackJoy’s fabric has been treated with a stain guard solution. Wash with mild soap and water or standard upholstery cleaner. You can treat your BackJoy as if it were a piece of furniture at home with fabric that has been protected against stains.

Where can I use BackJoy?

Turn any seat into an orthotic pain reliever! Using BackJoy on any of the below sitting surfaces will improve your posture and allow your spinal system to float in a comfortable cradle of natural cushioning. Only BackJoy can prevent the strain caused by muscular flattening that will occur in all of these sitting situations.

Can I travel with BackJoy?

Back joy is Easy To Travel With! You can’t damage BackJoy. Roll it up or bend it anyway you need to fit it in a briefcase or carry on. Your body heat will return it to shape. Slip BackJoy in your carry on any way you want. Bend it around your Lap Top for extra protection.

Is BackJoy too small for me?

BackJoy comes in one size, which will fit just about everyone. At first glance, many people think that BackJoy will be too small for them to use. In fact, BackJoy is not supposed to cradle a user’s entire buttocks at all. BackJoy’s size and shape were developed to support the bones found at the base of your pelvis, not your entire buttocks.

BackJoy is designed to fit the medically and scientifically accepted average distance between the sitting bones (the ischial tuberosities) that rest at the base of the pelvis. Unlike arm and leg bones, the pelvis has a very small range of widths, depths and heights from person to person no matter what gender, age, race, or height that person might be. The buttocks, of course, are made up of soft tissues, which are very different from person to person. BackJoy works by cupping the around the pelvis area, it is able to deliver an effective method of back pain relief for people as little as 90 pounds or as much as 400 lbs.

Do I have to sit a certain way for BackJoy to work?

Your back is unique. With BackJoy, you can sit the way you want to sit. Peer reviewed orthopedic back journals suggest the best way for any individual to sit is in the position they are most comfortable. That’s why BackJoy is designed to work like a personalized orthotic for your unique back. It will adapt itself to accommodate a “slouched” posterior pelvic tilt, a sitting straight-up anterior tilt, and everything in between. No matter what position you like to sit in, BackJoy’s Orthotic Cradling System will remain active.

What will my doctor say about BackJoy?

BackJoy can work hand-in-hand with your therapeutic regime. Bring this brochure and your BackJoy on your next visit to learn how. Ask your doctor to recommend a sitting posture for you that will transfer the most pressure and strain off your specific underlying condition. BackJoy will not work for you if you have been confined to a wheel chair, have any form of muscular atrophy, or if you have trouble standing or walking for any length of time. Before using this or any other product, consult a physician to make sure the origin of your back pain is not due to a condition that requires medical attention.

Does BackJoy work on soft couches?

Yes, BackJoy’s Orthotic Cradling System will float your spinal system over a soft sitting surface just like it will over a hard chair. Though it may not feel like BackJoy is doing as much work, don’t be fooled. When you sit down into the cushions of a soft couch, your gluteus muscles can stretch and flatten more than they would in a hard chair. Only BackJoy can prevent this from happening on soft couches or in your favorite chair.

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