The 5 Myths of Pilates: Great Exercise or Hyped-up Trend?

The Top 5 Myths of Pilates
by Darlene Nicholson, CFT

myths of pilates

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1. Pilates is only for women. WRONG!

Though it is quite popular amongst women, many males also practice Pilates. Even professional athletes have used Pilates to achieve results that other types of exercise have failed to deliver. 

In fact, Pilates was developed by man named Joseph Pilates who was an athlete and a boxer. Baseball pitcher Curt Shilling, Golfer Tiger Woods, and Basketball Player Jason Kidd all incorporate Pilates into their workouts.

2. Pilates is for people that are already in shape. WRONG!

In fact people that are overweight or out of shape should definitely start with Pilates. They will be able to strengthen their core muscle groups and stretch muscles to prevent injury when they do begin a strength training and cardiovascular workout.

3. Pilates has to be performed with equipment. WRONG AGAIN!

Some Pilates methods do involve pieces of equipment, however you can also do authentic Pilates workouts from the comfort of your home with only a simple floor mat. The advantage of starting with mat Pilates is that you can focus on improving your Pilates technique without having to worry about the complexity of equipment… plus it can be done anywhere!

4. Pilates is just like Yoga. Myth!

Pilates does involve learning to breathe properly and using controlled movements to improve the body. Yoga dwells deeper on harmonizing the mind, body and spirit where as Pilates is a better choice for those whom are looking for a longer, leaner, dancer-like body.

5. Pilates is not challenging. WRONG!

Like anything, the effort you put in will reflect the results you achieve. You can do the exercises at a beginner level if you need to or you can do advanced variations and exercises that will kick your butt!

There plenty of other myths and misconceptions about Pilates out there. You have likely heard one or more of them already, we suggest you try it for your self and come to your own conclusions.

Now… My UNCENSORED Opinion of Pilates…

First of all, let me start by saying any exercise is better than none.

Second, one of the things I really like about pilates is that it builds strength and improves flexibility at the same time and most importantly, it does it without the damage and wear and tear that traditional weight lifting causes.

Another thing I like about pilates is that you can do it anywhere so you have no excuses whereas if you rely on dozens of machines to workout, it’s easy to have things “come up” and get in the way.

Is pilates the only exercise you need to do, maybe, but maybe not… it all depends on what your goals are. But I can say that everyone can benefit from adding some pilates into their fitness program, even if it’s only done once in a while.

If you’ve never tried pilates, I really recommend you give it a shot. For years I resisted it because I thought it was going to be “too easy” and “boring” but
boy was I wrong…

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Best wishes,
Jesse Cannone
Co-Founder, The Healthy Back Institute

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