I ran out of Heal-n-Soothe® and there was a gap in taking the enzymes, will that mean I lost all the benefits?

The short answer is no, you do not have to think like you need to start over if there is a gap in taking enzymes and there is not a weakening of the effects…

The longer answer is that enzymes no not work in the moment (they are not antalgics) but the benefit is compounded over time, as enzymes do not mask the pain but rather, help restores balance to the natural way our body’s heal. The enzymes go to work breaking down excess fibrin right away, once you take the enzymes they are done doing what they do and are out of your system within 24hrs but the benefit (the healing takes time) and the healing is ongoing. The good news about the way enzymes work is that once the fibrin in your body is gone it is gone for good.

Now if there is a gap in taking enzymes, there is only a delay in how much more work the enzymes can do during that gap, which is different than thinking that all is lost and you need to start over.

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