Eva Says She's About To STRANGLE Me…

Our customer service and office manager, Eva is about ready to kill me.

Not really, but she did say that our team is absolutely buried right now because
so many people have been emailing and calling in with questions about our new
product, Rub on Relief.

So let me try to answer some of the most common questions we’ve been getting…


QUESTION: Can I order it by check?
================================================================Yes, you will be able to order by check and there will be an order form that you will
be able to print out and mail or fax in. But please understand that if you are mailing
in your order, it will take longer for us to receive it and therefore we can NOT
guarantee that you’ll receive the special bonus gifts (more on that below)…and there is a very good chance that we will sell out of this first batch quickly and
possibly before we receive your order. So if possible, I’d suggest ordering online,
calling in your order or faxing it in as these are all faster.

QUESTION: What are the ingredients? I have allergies and want to be sure I can
use this product.

We’ve just posted the ingredients list on the blog along with an article that explains
how Rub on Relief works in comparison to other alternatives.

QUESTION: Can I order more than one tube? Last time you offered this product I
bought 3 and wish I had bought more.

Yes, we will offer 1, 3 and 6 tube options and you can also adjust the quantity once
you’ve added the item to the shopping cart to as many as you like. We will of course
be offering discounted pricing on the 3 and 6 tube packages.

Also, if you were one of the thousands who have emailed in (or called), please be
patient as it may take us a bit longer than usual to get back to you… but I promise
we will.

QUESTION: How much will this stuff cost?

We are still working out some last minute details so I can’t yet give you the exact
numbers but I can say it WILL be very affordable… and, during the special launch
period we will be offering some truly great deals. As soon as we have pricing nailed
down I’ll let you know.

QUESTION: How do I add myself to the early bird list? I clicked the link but there
was no place to enter my name or email.

My fault… I should have explained.. All you have to do is click on the link and our
software will recognize that YOU clicked on and it will add you to the early bird list.
Then, I’ll email you one day before the official launch and you’ll get a big head start.

Click here to add yourself to the early bird list

Also, I forgot to mention, the first 200 people who try “Rub on Relief” are going to
get a copy of may latest book, Ultimate Healing Secrets at no charge.

Now, judging by how fast we sold out last time, how many people have written and
called in… and the thousands of people who have already added themselves to the
“early bird notification list”, I’m pretty sure that the first 200 are going to be gone the
very first day…

so if you haven’t already, you may want to add yourself to the “early bird list”.

Here are some more comments from people who were lucky enough to grab some
of this product when we sold it two years ago:

“Within Minutes The Pain Was GONE!”

“A Naturopath in Bridgton, ME recommended that I use it instead of advil to relieve
my 3 years old son’s leg cramps. Since then, my husband and I use it all the time.
We use it on all of our muscle and joint aches. It works very quickly and effectively.
We both play tennis and ski and my husband play basketball so we have lots of
opportunities to use it.I use it for my sore Knees after I play tennis. It really helps!
Last night, I went to bed with a sore, stiff back. In the middle of the night, my son
climbed in our bed and landed knees first on my back. Oh the pain!! I immediately
grabbed it and put some on. Within minutes, the pain was gone and I was able to
sleep. I like it so much I ordered 15 tubes for my USTA tennis team. I have been
telling all my teammates about it. I am so glad I found you.”

Joey A
Bremen, ME

“Some Truly Incredible Results…”

After four and a half months of using this cream, these are the results: The swollen
and calcified region of my second toe, that has made me limp for two years is
about 75% smaller and the pain is 95% less. The crushed toe joint seems to be
remodeling itself. Last week I was able to rum a mile for the first time in four years!
I am amazed by this and also by its effect on my inflamed cervical discs. The
numbness in my right arm is 50% less and recurs less frequently. Both areas
seem to continue getting better with time and repeated (2 to 4 times a day)
application. Currently all of the students at my massage therapy school are taught
the therapeutic application for painful Inflammatory conditions. It works!!

Jim G, Academic Director, Co-Founder Academy of Somatic Healing Arts
Atlanta, Georgia

The dates might change, but right now it’s looking like “Rub on Relief” will be ready
to ship April 15th (maybe a bit sooner)…

So from Monday, March 31st through Sunday, April 6th you will be able to pre-order
and at deeply discounted prices. But please understand…

This is a “pre-order” meaning you will be able to order and secure whatever quantity
you like but it will NOT ship out until approximately April 15th (maybe sooner).

Also, it is VERY likely that we will sell out quickly… maybe even before the special
promotion ends so if you plan on ordering I don’t suggest waiting around til the
last minute.

And again, only the first 200 people who order will receive a free copy of my book,
Ultimate Healing Secrets and these will likely be gone the very first day so getting
on the “early bird notification list” is definitely a good idea.

Click here to add yourself to the early bird list

Well, that’s all for now… I’ll have more details for you very soon.


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