Better than Morphine for Joint Pain… Yet Safer Than Aspirin?

Used in German hospitals for over 70 Years, could this safe and natural painkiller finally bring you the relief you’ve been looking for? Dear Friend, If you have chronic pain, you have every right to be scared. Not only does your pain make you irritable, exhausted, and angry… it isolates you from the people you love. … Read More

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Top 12 Anti-Inflammatory Foods That Stop Joint Pain Bonus Content: The 5 Worst Foods for Arthritis and Joint Pain If you suffer from joint pain... Then you might already know health experts say the single most important thing you can do to feel better... to cool the fires of inflammation in your body. Yet, what mo … Read More

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3 Great Ways to Beat Stress

woman in kitchen feeling stress over bills

Few have a true awareness of how much stress actually affects their life. Frequently we don’t even recognize it. Many think of stress as “having a meltdown” but that’s often not the case. I seldom, if ever, have a meltdown, but I’ve learned to tune in to and recognize the effects of stress on my body and in my life on a d … Read More

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Dietary Fixes That Ease Back Pain Fast

Man with Lower Back Pain

Inflammation is a BIG reason so many people around the world are suffering from back pain right this very minute. In fact, it’s the smoking gun behind nearly ALL chronic health conditions… like cancer… heart disease… Alzheimer’s… joint pain… To put it really simply, inflammation is a form of swelling in your body. It’s … Read More

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Do CT Scans Increase Your Cancer Risk?

Male patient in medical scanner with red lights

Doctors are supposed to order medical tests that help their patients pinpoint the source of their pain or problems… But there’s something alarming going on when it comes to lower back pain… If you see your doctor about lower back pain, you have more than a 50% chance they’ll send you for an imaging test... Like an X … Read More

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How to Boost Your Body’s Most Powerful Detox System

lymph nodes neck

You might not be aware… But all of those nasty chemicals, solvents, toxins and other dangerous compounds in our environment get into your body... and stay there... ...unless you do something about it. And your main detox organs - your liver, kidneys, skin and lungs - were NOT designed to handle this level of contami … Read More

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The Japanese Solution to Perfect Blood Pressure

Do you watch what you eat... try to exercise… take prescription drugs... And still struggle with your blood pressure? This can be frustrating. You try to do everything your doctor orders. You give up your favorite foods, exercise, and even take 2-3 meds per day. Yet, your blood pressure is still stubbornly high at you … Read More

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The “Hidden” Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction... and What Mainstream Medicine Isn't Telling You Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a huge problem... so what's really causing it? Maybe you know our modern environment is a toxic soup of chemicals, heavy metals and pollutants that lead to all sorts of health issues. We’ve talked a lot … Read More

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7 Essential Computer Viewing Tips to Relieve Neck and Back Pain

best computer monitor

Most people stare at their computer for several hours - some many more -- each day. Yet few people know what the best computer monitor height is and these other essential office tips below... Start by paying attention to how you are viewing your computer right now. And with that in mind, know this: If you really want t … Read More

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