Trigger Point System
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What You Get Today:
  • 16 interchangeable soft rubber tipped treatment digits for 'pin-point' accuracy and complete control of the depth of pressure.
  • A 90-minute DVD, "Conquering Your Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain."
  • A 20 page pictorial guidebook with clear instructions.
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee + Two-Year Limited Warranty.

HOW CAN Trigger Point System HELP?

It’s like having a trained acupressure-masseuse on call to get rid of your back-pain. This is the easiest way to get deep-pressure massage in the comfort of your own home...

Release trigger points anywhere on your body; all while you relax and rest with no pulling or straining.

Lie Down and Relax While You Melt Your Pain Away

Developed by a board-certified neurological chiropractor who sought relief for his own disabling low-back and chronic shoulder-arm pain, the Trigger Point Self-Treatment System allows you to pressure massage your trigger points in the comfort of your own home and as often as necessary.

The program's unique, easy to use design helps you completely relax your muscles while you apply only the amount of deep therapeutic pressure needed, to your comfort level.

There are other hand-held devices available to treat trigger points. However, they require you to tighten your muscles to use, which prevents the deep massage needed to work out and actually "deactivate" your trigger points.

With the Trigger Point Self-Treatment System, you are in complete control. By simply using your body weight, you effortlessly melt your knots away while completely relaxing into the treatment platform. In less than ten minutes a day, you can find blessed relief you probably have not known for years.

You simply pressure massage away all the trigger points clustered anywhere on your body. Nothing could be easier!


Review Stars

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This system is incredible!
"This system is incredible! I can move, run, and exercise again. It is fantastic to know that I can do something positive to get rid of my pain. I threw out all of my pills. Now I just pop on the system and dig out those trigger points."

~Cindy T. Macon,GA

Disclaimer: Results not typical. Your specific results may vary.

Review Stars

Verified Buyer

Everyone needs to try one!
"My life is so much easier to handle without being in constant pain. The system has given me the freedom I was looking for. Everyone needs to try one!"

~Sam M., New York,NY

Disclaimer: Results not typical. Your specific results may vary.

Review Stars

Verified Buyer

What a God-send!
What a God-send! To have something that I can do to relieve all the pain I've been suffering all these years has been such a blessing. No one could figure out what the problem was. Well, now I know and now I can take care of myself.

~ Kathy B., Chicago,IL

Disclaimer: Results not typical. Your specific results may vary.

A trigger points can not be stretched or exercises out, they need to be mechanically broken, with direct pressure, the very thing this trigger point device does for you. However because a trigger point will make a muscle tight, weak, and dysfunctional, you must immediately following the use of the device, put the specific muscle you are treating on a stretch and then in time you must work to balance out that muscle strength. In other word, you must and I mean you have to, break up the trigger point, and then work to rebalance that muscles range of motion and strength. And only then will you have resolution to your pain.
The best time of day to use the trigger point device is, first thing in the morning but you need to be somewhat active for example you need to have your blood flowing, so get up and take your shower, or go for a walk or do some form of exercise and once the blood it flowing then you can get on the board. The use of the trigger point can also be use when the trigger point becomes an irritation, can you can apply the same rules as above. We also suggest that you use the trigger point device before going to bed as the body always likes to be as close to balance as it can before going to sleep.
  • A large and stable platform made of High Density Polyethylene
  • There are 16 interchangeable soft rubber tipped treatment applicators
  • The applicators come in various sizes to let you control the depth of pressure
  • There is a 90 minute self care instructional DVD for the use of the device
  • There is a comprehensive 20 page self are pictorial guidebook
Virtually all painful conditions will cause the body to develop trigger points, so it is not a question of what conditions can this device help to treat but rather, if you understand that tripper points are a result of the way our bodies react to pain and inflammation and even chemical or physical imbalances, you will have a much better outcome in both the short term and long term if you work to prevent and or eliminate trigger points as part of your treatment for whatever painful condition you are suffering from. That said, let me finish answering this question by saying that if you for example you have a diagnosis of a herniated disc or pulled back muscle you will develop a trigger point, and one trigger point can cause many more trigger points to develop in time. So you go form having a diagnosis of a herniated disc to having both a herniated disc and fibromyalgia or myofascial pain syndrome and now you don’t know which condition is causing you the most amount of pain or which issue to treat, so you need to or have to as part of treating a painful condition address your trigger point at some or you may just find your self in a chronic state of pain and not knowing what to do…
This Trigger point device was designed to treat all areas of the body, when you combine, the different length applicators with the differing angel designed and drilled into the board, there is no body segment that can not be helped.
  • The platform measures: 7 3/4" x 17 1/2" x 3/4"
  • The total package weighs 4 pounds
  • The entire system is made and assembled in the USA
There are two ways, there is a DVD and comprehensive 20 page guidebook that comes with the package, that will walk you through every aspect of how and where to place the applicator on the body.       For safety, service and warranty information please consult the user manual.
Most people free an effect with in minutes, and then feel a benefit with in days, however it take time, and I mean repeated use of the device on a single trigger point for weeks if not months before the trigger point can be resolved at trigger point are complex and need time to resolve.
The best way to address a single trigger point, is to apply the device for a minimum of 90 seconds and then release the pressure, (get off the device) immediately followed by a simple and light stretch of that specific muscle that was being addressed. Then you may repeat this process several more time but again only to your tolerance. If you tolerate the treatment well, you may use the device several times per day; however as rule you need to use the device everyday at least once per trigger point. There is not quick solution to trigger points, as it does take time for the trigger point its self to break up and release it strangle hold on that muscle.
When using the trigger point device you will feel deep pressure and in some cases it my be very intense, but if the intensity get to be some much we do not want you to endure to the point of pain, that is not beneficial or advisable so what we tell you to do is to use the device to your comfort level, and only you can make that determination of comfort.
No, unlike other trigger point devices where you have to use muscle strength to apply pressure, this trigger point device relies on the use of our own body weight, and thus it is virtually effortless.
If you have had a surgery of any kind or any where, you will need to consult your surgeon before use, as only they know, if the application of trigger point therapy is appropriate for you based on the surgical procedure they performed.
Yes, you can use this device by your self…
Trigger Point therapy is a unique self treatment for so many different conditions including back pain, sciatica, decompress the spine, stretch muscles and ligaments, stress relief, improve circulation, improved range of motion and helps restore physical balance which is critically important for overall good health. That said, Trigger Point Therapy is not for everyone. If you have any of the following health conditions, please do not use the Trigger Point Therapy device without first consulting your physician. (While this list does not name specific conditions, it is intended to make you consider your own specific condition.)  
  • Anticoagulation or bleeding disorders, where direct pressure will cause bruising.
  • Local or systemic Infection.
  • Acute Muscle trauma.
  • Do not apply pressure directly over any open wounds.
  • Do not apply pressure directly over any hematomas, tumors, or undiagnosed lumps under the skin.
  • Do not apply pressure directly over any medically implanted device.
  • Do not apply pressure directly over any unstable bones or joints.
  • Do not apply pressure directly over any surgically fused section of the spine.
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