No Excuse Workout DVDs
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What You Get Today:
  • 2-DVD set, with 10, 4-minute workouts.
  • Start at any fitness level, from professional couch potato to professional athlete.
  • Fit into any schedule - even the busiest (like mine – try working out with 8 kids and 2 businesses!).
  • Requires NO expensive equipment or gym membership.
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

HOW CAN No Excuse Workout DVDs HELP?

NO Excuse Workout s So Easy You’ll Stay With It.

The NO Excuse Workout includes 2 DVDs each packed with 10 short, intense workouts.

If you've always wanted a lean, sculpted and strong physique... but you don't have time to be a “gym rat” (and don't want to be one anyway!)... then I have the “can't miss” solution for you

I'm here to tell you about a breakthrough total body workout I've discovered that will build lean, buff muscles and leave you feeling great... in just four minutes a day!

If you can find 4 minutes to spare each day... You can have the body of your dreams!

  1. You spend just 4 minutes a day to start (12 minutes a day when you're fully up to speed). NOT A MINUTE MORE. Everyone has four minutes!
  2. You don't exercise long enough to get bored
  3. You don't need special equipment
  4. You don't need a gym
  5. You don't need to pay for a personal trainer
  6. You can work out in front of your TV in just six feet of space
  7. You'll actually see your body change – drop fat, build muscle, start getting that lean sculpted look -- in the first week!
The No Excuse Workout Program was designed for individuals at any fitness level, from professional couch potato to professional athlete. The programs benefits include... 1. Turn on your body's natural fat burning furnace 24 hours a day! 2. Spend just 4 minutes a day, 3x a week getting your dream body! 3. Build lean, strong, sexy muscle! 4. Turn your heart into a powerful aerobic machine... 5. Amaze your friends since they know you haven't spent hours in the gym... 6. Feel and see genuine results within 7 days! All we ask is that you be cleared by your physician before you start this or any fitness program. Its that simple...
This Program is your anywhere... anyplace... anytime secret to uncovering the lean, sculpted body you've always wanted. A total of 20 workouts in the 2-DVD set! No equipment needed! Most of it is done on the ground – exercising all your major muscle groups in just 4 minutes! Push-up variations and pull-ups... and so much more, using just your body weight!
So that's why I'm offering you the NO Excuse Workout DVD's risk-free for 90 days. Try it and prove it to yourself. If you will work out with Ryan 3x a week for just 4 minutes a day, I guarantee you will have measurable results. In fact, I guarantee you'll feel the difference in 7 days... and in 90 days you'll be amazed at how much better you feel, how much fat you've lost, and how much muscle is replacing the flab! This link will bring you to the Shipping and Returns policy page where you can read more about the details for your order:
Yes, the DVDs are programmed to work in all regions of the world. We have sold the program to over 100 countries and they all work.
No, extra equipment is not needed but you are welcome to use any home gym equipment if it helps you (including dumbbells or resistance bands) and if you can tolerate it.
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