How To Clean And Condition
“Dirty” Joints For Immediate
Pain Relief That Lasts… 

This is for you if…

You already have unrelenting joint pain…

OR you have joints that are just starting to get uncomfortable…

If you wake up in the morning feeling stiff anywhere in your body, this is a must-see for you…

If your joint discomfort stops you or makes you think twice about doing your activities, you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and your future to see this announcement…

Joint discomfort of any kind should not be dismissed as just an everyday occurrence to put up with, because it will usually become a debilitating problem as time goes on…

For hundreds of years, people have been searching for a way to stop joint pain from getting worse…

But now we know what’s behind all this pain. It’s one of the biggest reasons your knees, shoulders, back, or neck feel stiff and achy…

Groundbreaking research has identified a sticky buildup that causes what you can think of as “dirty” joints…

This buildup is made of thick, jumbled strands that not only CLOG joint tissue…

It also forms a sticky net that “debris” gets caught in, causing continuous irritation.

Today I’m going to tell you how this sticky mess starts and more importantly how to clean this junk out of your joints…

This joint self-care is very important to know because your tissue can get dirtier and even more uncomfortable with time, as you may already be experiencing…

However, once you remove the buildup, the pain relief is almost immediate

And the best news is that the pain relief lasts because you’re permanently removing one of your joints biggest irritators!1

I myself just learned about dirty joints and I was at a loss for a solution…

So when I discovered that scientists recently uncovered a medical breakthrough from the 1900’s that quickly DISSOLVES this sticky buildup in joints, I had to tell as many people as possible.

Modern science is now hot on the trail of this long-proven therapy from the 1900’s…

It was used by doctors to treat the most affluent people, like Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich, Pablo Picasso, and the Kennedy’s.

It’s been so successful in relieving pain, that by the 1960s, it was even being used as a pain-relieving “drug” by the pharmaceutical industry.2

But since this is a natural medicine, it could not be patented for profit, so it was relegated out of the mass market… and disappeared into obscurity.

Luckily, it has not disappeared completely, and cutting-edge science has re-discovered this “miracle” joint pain reliever as we speak…

Scientists have uncovered a way to completely stop what’s behind most joint pain… 

It’s the first major study at Cincinnati’s Hospital Medical Center using double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-million dollar research to validate it on real people…

The result?

24 very lucky people got to experience what it feels like to have their joint discomfort practically vanish overnight…

And all they did was amp up their own body’s ability to clean out “dirty joints.”

Clearing your joints of this sticky netting and the “debris” that gets caught in it is really important for lifelong joint health because…

The older you get, the dirtier your joints get – unless you clean them out!

Once your joints are free of this sticky buildup, the pain relief is immediate, and it lasts.

In a matter of days, the men and women who participated in this study could move again without stiff, achy joints…

And without all the swelling and tenderness that comes when joints that are constantly irritated.3

They were freed from years of joint discomfort in the knees, back, shoulders, hands, and everywhere else inflamed tissues were affecting their quality of life.4

They could walk for longer distances with ease and had far more flexibility, especially in the knees…5

…without feeling the typical pinch, grab, or ache that so many of us with joint discomfort just live with.

But perhaps the best news is that …

Relief is felt right where it hurts the most… as if to “spot clean” the irritation right out of joints!

This was the first time something natural, yet clinically proven, could give people LOCALIZED pain relief…6 as if to “spot treat” joint pain.

There was no longer a need to reach for the pills and creams to relieve discomfort anymore…

The people in this landmark clinical study were all typical middle-to-older aged men and women7 who, like you, had probably tried everything, and could never find relief…

But that’s all changed now with this breakthrough discovery…

Up until now, all we could do is take more and more Advil, and wait to see if our joints would feel better, or keep getting worse.

Today you don’t have to gamble
with your joint health anymore… 

Just recently I uncovered all kinds of new research showing how this safe alternative to pain pills helps relieve discomfort and speed up recovery time. It’s faster and safer than even ibuprofen.

NSAIDs can be dangerous… with side effects of stomach pain and ulcers, bleeding in your GI system, a higher risk of heart-related deaths, kidney and liver damage, headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears, and more.

Now… instead of relying on Advil to give you only temporary pain relief that doesn’t do anything to HEAL the source of pain…

There’s a natural way to “clean and condition” dirty joints for immediate relief WHILE healing the source of the pain at the same time… so you get lasting relief too.

Think of this like your body’s “clean up crew” that removes one of the biggest reasons joints hurt and get worse over time, which I’ll explain in a moment…

It works so well, that 95% of the people who used this for joint pain didn’t need to reach for painkillers anymore.8

The result is localized “on the spot” pain relief for your dirty joints.

What? Dirty Joints!

Your joints aren’t really dirty, but they’re likely packed with sticky buildup of tangled debris

And the older you are, the more dirty your joints can become.

This “debris” was first discovered in 1666 by Marcello Malpighi.

He was the scientist who discovered red blood cells… AND he was the first to see a sticky mesh-like netting that today we call FIBRIN.9

While looking under a microscope at blood clots, Malpighi noticed “a meshwork with a fibrous texture or network of fibers.

Fibrin is the protein that “wraps” around damaged cells and tissues when you have an injury. It covers the injury while blood and oxygen flood in and repair the tissue.

At first, it was considered a miracle. Another wondrous mechanism your body uses to naturally repair itself…

Yet it turns out…

…this fibrous tissue is a double-edged sword.

While it is essential for healing wounds…

This sticky fibrin buildup becomes one of the biggest reasons joints feel stiff and achy

Fibrin is the body’s way to stop bleeding and protect an injury – including injuries to your joints.

For example… Let’s say you cut yourself.

Inflammation rushes white and red blood cells to the area, which starts the healing process.

At the same time, your body sends a protein called fibrin to cover the injury with a mesh-like net of sticky strands. This stops the bleeding so the cut can heal and the inflammation calms back down.

Your body then releases enzymes that dissolve the sticky fibrin… and everything’s back to normal!

As you can see, fibrin plays an important role that helps your immune system do its job. And as long as the fibrin dissolves, there’s no problem.

But what if the fibrin doesn’t dissolve?

This can happen when inflammation is chronic (due to toxins, stress, foods we eat, etc.). The inflammation cycle stays turned on, and causes an overproduction of fibrin.

To make matters worse…

As we get older, we make less of the enzyme that dissolves fibrin, and so we start to get layers of sticky buildup. 

And might this sticky buildup of fibrin feel like?

Imagine if someone threw a big stiff net over you and you tried to move… how uncomfortable that would be. Now throw another big stiff net over you to bind with the first net, plus add some debris along with it and, yes, that’s going to get really painful.

While these fibrin “nets” sit on top of your injury, more and more blood platelets get trapped in its strands – just like floating ocean debris would get caught in a net.

Worse yet, the blood platelets trapped inside the fibrin net release chemicals that attract other platelets and stimulate even more constriction…

Fibrin “nets” that lay over your joints can form rigid, crystal-like strands that become tangled in themselves.11 This makes a stringy mess not only over your joint tissues, but potentially over your heart muscle and other organs…

Such is the life of FIBRIN and what it does all over your body. In fact, fibrin buildup has become what doctors and scientists are now saying is at the crux of chronic pain.12,13 It’s why today, there are over 200,000 studies focused on fibrin issues.14

When fibrin buildup happens in joint tissue, this congestion becomes like a “dirty joint” – where the overgrowth of fibrin and stuck platelet “debris” can make joints feel tight, hot, painful, achy, and stiff.15,16

Excess fibrin also blocks blood flow. It traps red blood cells. It prevents blood and oxygen from reaching damaged tissues.

The result?

Without blood and oxygen, your body cannot heal itself. You suffer from chronic joint and back pain. 

The good news is that researchers have now found an easy, natural way to stop this fibrin buildup, dissolve excess fibrin, reduce the inflammation, and clean and condition “dirty” joint tissue back to more normal, healthy tissue…

Dissolve The Fibrin = Dissolve The Pain 

Your body produces a certain type of healing enzyme that actually dissolves fibrin.

Normally… after a joint injury is healed, your body would send certain enzymes to DISSOLVE the fibrin so the injury site clears out, inflammation calms down, and fresh blood and oxygen can get in.

Problem is… as you get older, your body produces less and less of this special fibrin-dissolving enzyme…

This leaves you more and more susceptible to the sticky mess of fibrin buildup in your joints… which research now shows is a leading cause of joint pain and why they feel stiffer and more achy with time.17

But today we have an easy way to replace your diminishing supply of enzymes that dissolve fibrin, and along with it, the pain!

Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts that enable and speed up countless biochemical reactions in the body. Without enzymes most bodily processes wouldn’t happen.

Scientists have identified about 2,700 enzymes, but they believe there are more like 50,000 enzymes that help our bodies function, or function better or faster.

If you don’t have enough of a certain type of enzyme, not only can your body not dissolve fibrin, inflammation, and scar tissue…

When you’re missing these enzymes, your body’s natural healing processes also shut down… and so blood and oxygen can’t get to your damaged tissue.

Joint pain, stiffness, and lack of mobility are all linked to a lack of these enzymes circulating in your body.


Take 2 Minutes Every Day To
“Spot Clean And Condition” Dirty Joints 
With Systemic Enzymes… 

The enzymes that help your joints stay clean and clear of fibrin are not the enzymes most of us think of that help with digestion.

What I’m talking about are SYSTEMIC ENZYMES that support bodily functions in every tissue and organ.

Systemic enzymes help your body break down fibrin buildup, scar tissue, and even repair damaged joint tissue.

These special enzymes act like those little Pac Man eaters from earlier video game days. Remember how they went around gobbling up all the things that got in the way? It’s the same idea with these enzymes…

Systemic enzymes rescue and restore your joint tissue by going DIRECTLY to your joints and gobbling up the sticky mess of fibrin… setting your joints free to move and be nourished for what could be the first time in years.

With less debris, there’s less inflammation, and improved circulation all over your body. Less debris means more blood, oxygen, and healing nutrients can get to your joints.

Think of it like clearing the cobwebs out of your joint tissue to restore healthy tissue and freedom of movement.

And it’s so easy!

All you do is take 2 minutes out of your day to supplement your body with systemic enzymes.

Each time you do, they get to work immediately on cleaning and conditioning your joints everyday, so tissue stays clean and clear, and healthy and normal.

What’s the best, proven healer and soother of joint pain – which also works on other pain?

It’s called Heal-n-Soothe®.

It’s so simple to take Heal-n-Soothe with a glass of water to keep “dirty joints” clean and clear of fibrin buildup… and say goodbye to pain!

It works because Heal-n-Soothe doesn’t just contain one fibrin-dissolving enzyme…

This unique formula contains MULTIPLE SYSTEMIC ENZYMES combined to give you the most powerful, synergistic effects for lasting pain relief and restored joint health. In fact…

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“This Stuff Is God In A Bottle”

Disclaimer: This is a real success story from an actual customer. Your individual results may vary.

-Greg Moorman

Disclaimer: This is a real success story from an actual customer. Your individual results may vary.

“It Has Given Me My Life Back”

Disclaimer: This is a real success story from an actual customer. Your individual results may vary.

– Theresa Klein

Disclaimer: This is a real success story from an actual customer. Your individual results may vary.

“The KEY that made me well again”

Disclaimer: This is a real success story from an actual customer. Your individual results may vary.

– Alex Mitchell

Disclaimer: This is a real success story from an actual customer. Your individual results may vary.

To Your Pain-Free Life,

Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT
The Healthy Back Institute

P.S. Studies show enzyme therapy helps speed up your “recovery time” from your favorite activities whether that’s golfing, gardening or playing with your grandchildren… So you spend less time laid up on the couch – and more time living life!

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