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  • NINE of the most popular programs already preloaded to your device ($135 value).
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  • The complete Electro Cleanse® device.

HOW CAN ElectroCleanse ™ HELP?

The ElectroCleanse® is a bio-frequency generator that generates specific frequencies. Dr. Clark describes these frequencies and their uses in her book, “Cure for All Diseases,” which was based on nearly 50 years of research.

  • Incredibly easy to use — Simply strap on the ElectroCleanse® just like you would put on a watch, anklet, bracelet or other piece of jewelry. It then goes to work as you watch TV, read a book, or just relax!
  • Safe and painless — unlike drugs and surgery.
  • Long-Lasting — It comes with a mounted rechargeable battery.
  • Natural relief without drugs or surgery.
  • Small, lightweight and can be used by people of all sizes.
  • Large color screen for easy viewing and operating.
  • NO Effort Required — No exercises. No drugs. No painful contraptions.
  • It's GUARANTEED To Work — Give it a test-drive for 90 days. If for ANY reason you decide it's not right for you at this time, simply ship it back and you'll receive a prompt full refund of the purchase price (minus shipping fees). That means you risk virtually nothing… yet you stand to gain a pain-free life!
  • 2-Year Warranty — You're protected by the manufacturer's 2-year warranty on ANY piece of the ElectroCleanse®. If it breaks, they'll replace it!
  • Individuals with any type of Electronic Implant, does not matter what or where do not use…
  • Individuals with irregular heart rhythms
  • Individuals who suspect or know they are pregnant
  • Individuals who are prone to have seizures
  • Individuals with skin irritations, including malignancies over the area where the electrodes would be applied
  • It is OK to use it anywhere however, we do not recommend you using it on your face (for cosmetic reasons and because in some rare cases it might provoke a seizure if someone is prone to seizures already).
  • We do not recommend you use the electrodes or wristbands on any wounds or open skin, nor on the genitals, rectum or anywhere on the head.
  • The device can’t be used for people with electronic implants such as pacemakers.
A program has up to 24 frequency steps, and each step is between 3 and 7 minutes long. Dr. Clark suggests a minimal use is 3 complete steps peruse of the device. Further, Dr. Clark suggests one session per day(per program) with total maximum time being 1 hour per day.  
In that case, we have pre-programed 9 different programs into your device each with different frequencies and you may try a technique called a "broad sweep" were you can use the different program at different frequencies, in an attempt to address as many of your needs as you can. It is best to use only one program per day and repeat that process till you have run through all of the different programs. Reminder: There is no absolute right or wrong way to use this device; you are encouraged to test for yourself the different ways of using the device to find what works best for you. Try different amounts of time at different times of the day, try using the different programs, even if you don’t think the program is specific to your needs.
  • Some people get drowsy… Do not use the device while driving a motor vehicle.
  • Some people experience what is known as the detox effect. Drinking lots of water to flush the toxins.
  • As time goes on and the person gets better, they usually want to reduce the use and go on a maintenance schedule of maybe twice a week at first, then weekly, then fade out to as needed.
  • Some people with chronic conditions may want to keep using the device (there is no set protocol for chronic conditions so please use the device to your tolerance).
  • As long as someone feels the device is helping, they can keep going.
You may take gel electrodes and stick one above and one below the affected area.
You can switch the location at any time even during a session without reducing the effect. (before you disconnect your self please pause the device) If your wrist gets sore, you can put the straps around your ankles. If you can not use the straps anymore you can switch to the sticky electros and you can put them anywhere (except on the face or genitals). For whole body results, it is best to put one electrode on one side of the body and the second electrode on the other side of the body.  
Please start with the program that best matches your needs, from there you can try or test all of the additional programs pre-programed into your device.
Dr. Clark suggests that you use the device only once per day with only one program per day...
The simple answer to this is, the voltage levels are preprogramed into each program and you do not need to adjust the voltage.
It does not matter. New users are encouraged to use the wrist straps.
Yes, it is possible to use on dogs but we have to suggest you consult with your vet before use.
The device can be used on a daily basis over the long term (again only one program per day, max time 1 hour per day).  

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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