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Break the Pain Cycle

Trigger point pain — by targeting the trigger points in your body, you can break the cycle of chronic pain.

No more expensive doctor’s visits, no more constant misery. The pain ends once you start working on this root cause of roughly 75% of all pain.

Until recently, you’d never hear about trigger point pain from your doctor for the simple reason they didn’t know the first thing about trigger points. So naturally, like so many other “alternative” pain cures, trigger point therapy was dismissed by many as quackery.

But you can’t argue against results. And now that the conventional medical community has discovered you can actually see and even photograph trigger points with an electron microscope, formerly die-hard skeptics are now believers.

Trigger points & pain

Trigger points are tiny contraction knots in your muscles and tissues. They are most prevalent in your fascia, the layer of fibrous connective tissue that wraps around your muscles, blood vessels, nerves and organs like plastic wrap to hold everything together.

Muscle stress, overuse injuries, infections, toxins in the environment, or surgery are just a handful of common reasons for developing a trigger point. Pain, while caused by the trigger point, frequently is felt far from the actual trigger point – a phenomenon called referred pain.

Left untreated, trigger points become a center for irritation and inflammation in your muscles and nerves. This ongoing inflammation leads to fibrosis, which thickens your connective tissues. Thicker connective tissue is less flexible, leading to a vicious cycle of additional irritation, tension, and pain as your body pulls on each trigger point.

Trigger points have been linked to chronic back pain, recurrent migraines, and even heartburn. If your body can’t move freely, it compensates as best it can, resulting in some interesting pain outcomes. For example, a tight spot in your neck could cause toothache and jaw pain, while trigger points in your legs could cause sciatica and lower back pain as your body seeks the balance it needs to keep moving.

How trigger point therapy stops pain

Pain treatments that focus on trigger points stop pain by restoring flexibility and health to your connective tissues. This link between treating trigger points and pain reduction was first established by Dr. Janet G. Travell back in the 1940’s, who went on to become President Kennedy’s personal physician after helping him with his chronic back pain.

Later, Dr. Travell would go on to write the groundbreaking book, “The Trigger Point Manual” with Dr. David Simons. In it, she describes how to locate trigger points and end pain by eliminating them with manual pressure.

Today’s best trigger point pain relief systems and therapists use this information to break the cycle of chronic pain by helping the user discover and eliminate each individual trigger point on their own.

By applying direct pressure to the actual trigger point, pain is relieved when the fascia is stretched and muscle knots are pulled apart, allowing your body’s natural repair systems to get to work in a process known as neurological release.

After a treatment session, these hyper-irritated masses begin to repair themselves, thinning out to a normal level and giving you back your freedom of movement. Your body stops seeking balance from other muscles and gets back to functioning as it should – without the pain.

Making the most of trigger point pain relief systems

Trigger point pain relief treatments often bring substantial and immediate relief. But they shouldn’t be considered an overnight fix. You need to continue working on your trigger points to fully restore flexibility and health to your fascia.

If you choose to relieve trigger point pain with treatment from the modern medical community, we recommend seeking a physical therapist, chiropractor or masseur specially trained in myofascial release. Be prepared to spend a significant amount of time and money visiting their office for continued follow-up as you work through your trigger point pain.

Another option is to use a proven at-home trigger point pain relief system. This allows you to get the same relief from trigger point pain at a fraction of the cost.

The system we recommend was designed by a board-certified neurological chiropractor to leverage the best of Dr. Travell’s research. He built it to deal with his own chronic pain issues, making it easy to use and suitable for pain in any part of the body. Unlike hand-held trigger point release systems, his system doesn’t require you to tighten your muscles to get release (very important for relieving muscle knots!) and it can give you relief in as little as 10 minutes a day.

If you’re struggling with chronic pain of any kind, trigger point therapy may be the answer you’re looking for. Here’s a demonstration of how easy it can be to relieve referred trigger point pain using the Trigger Point Self-Treatment System we recommend.

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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT

Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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